Facebook Bans Mother Teresa Fan Page

Catholic nun is a symbol of patriarchy and misogyny; has been de-platformed in Facebook's mission to rid the social network of hate

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by Michelle Jones

© 1986 Túrelio (via Wikimedia-Commons), 1986

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have finally joined forces to purge the internet of the emotional terrorism rampant on their platforms. The big tech companies’ shared, noble mission to combat online thought crimes necessitates no-nonsense policies when it comes to censoring accounts that repeatedly violate community guidelines, which have been carefully designed to keep social networks safe and inclusive.

Most recently, Facebook justifiably banned the page of a dangerous cult using its platform called “Fellowship of Saint Mother Teresa,” whose blind followers claimed to be devoted to following in the anti-feminist Catholic nun’s footsteps.

It’s unbelievable to think that Mother Teresa was once heralded as an icon for humanitarianism, when in fact, she is truly a symbol of bigotry and hatred of women, just as the dogma of orthodox Catholicism (distinguished from new wave Catholicism, as progressive, woke Pope Francis introduced) itself is.

Mother Teresa once called the liberating innovation of medical abortion “anti-women” and worshipped a savage, patriarchal “Father” god, which she forced onto impressionable children and once free-thinking members of the proletariat.

These sort of backwards beliefs should be outlawed in our contemporary age, in which we have come so far to rid ourselves of such barbarianism. Sadly, there are still some twisted minds out there who want to revert the world back to the Middle Ages.

Though Facebook made the right call in banning the retrograde ideological page from the website, its former followers have expressed resolve to continue their “fellowship” on their own website, which they are currently seeking funding for using Bootstrapper, a crowdfunding platform dedicated to providing a means for self-starters, entrepreneurs, and startup companies to meet their maintenance costs without relying on traditional means of making money, such as advertising. Unlike websites like Facebook, Bootstrapper does not discriminate between its users and openly welcomes projects affiliated with groups like the “Fellowship of Saint Mother Teresa.”

“I pray God will change the hardened heart of Mark Zuckerberg and for peace, truth, and harmony to bring the world together, as was Saint Mother Teresa’s dream,” said Mary Anderson, founder of the Mother Teresa cult,
“I question how such a kind, loving, Nobel Peace Prize winning, sacrificial woman could be called hateful. I simply do not understand it.”

Well, Ms. Anderson, Mother Teresa may have won a Nobel Peace Prize, but do you know who else was once nominated for one? Hitler. Enough said.