Indian Males Resentful

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Resentment on the rise among Indian males for perennial denial of "oppressor" status on par with white males of European descent

“I think we’ve paid our dues by now,” complains Indian activist Raj Gupta, adding “The CEO of evil empire Microsoft is Indian, for Brahma’s sake! We demand entry into the league of oppressors.”

by Adel Gastrow

Up until now, the oppressor class has been composed of almost exclusively cisgender, white males, but Indian males are pressing for change, claiming that this is discriminatory against their race.

“Women do not fear us like they do our Caucasian counterparts,” Raj Gupta, leader of the Equality For the Patriarchy Organization complained during a speech he gave on the campus of Shakti Institute of Technology in Chicago, Illinois, where 63% of the male students are of Indian descent. “But, they should,” Gupta continued, “Us Indians will lead the world soon. Our population is growing rapidly, while white American and European populations shrink. Who will lead the oppressors in this brave new world? We will. We’re already stealing job opportunities from white IT workers, programmers, and call center employees. If this isn’t oppression, what is?”

Gupta was joined by the leader of the male supremacist Men Going Their Own Way club on campus, Caleb Smith, who gave statistics on the demographics in the alt-right MGTOW movement.

“There’s a rising population of Indian males in the men’s rights community,” said Smith, “Right now, around 38% of incels identify as Indian, and the numbers are only growing. It’s very offensive to them that feminists refuse to call them oppressive just because they are not white. This is the real problem of racism in the United States.”

Recently, Indian males also took to Twitter to voice their call for change to Cynthia Snow, head of the Dogma department of The Women Rules Organization, which governs the laws of feminism. One of the department’s duties is to declare who is a member of the oppressor class in society, using an established “Privilege Points system” to decide.

In response to the onslaught of tweets she received alleging that the organization is discriminatory towards Indians, Snow replied with a tweet of her own, which said, “Everyone knows that racism only applies to African-Americans. Our organization stands behind our Privilege Points system and will not be considering making any changes at this time.”