Major Announcement

Indian-Owned Casino Hosts Fundraiser to Combat Cultural Appropriation

Grand prize is two-night stay in casino's Roman Emperor Suite

From sports teams to cigarette packaging and car insurance firms, images portraying harmful stereotypes of Native American victims have been misappropriated and adulterated for centuries, even after the Indian mass extinction tantamount to the Nazi Holocaust brought on by the white slave-owner rapist animal torturers with huge, dirty facial hair carrying disease that colonized the United States.

The Three Rivers A’Rollin’ Casino & Mega-Suites in North Dakota wants to give white people a chance to make up for their checkered past. The Spirit Lake-tribe owned and operated casino will be holding a fundraiser dinner in their Regal Banquet Hall next month so that descendants of the blood-thirsty, white man can exchange their money for peace of mind that they’re doing something to stop cruel cultural appropriation.

“It’s like giving ten dollars to a homeless man on a street corner,” remarked Casino owner and shaman, Dandy Deep Pocket. “You don’t care what they’re going to do with the money, if they’re really gonna use it to fill their belly as their sign promises or if it’s going to fuel a drug or alcohol addiction. You couldn’t give two pebbles where the money goes. No, what matters is that you feel good inside. You’ve done your part to help the poor. You’re an altruist, and your heart is now joyous in confirming that you’re a good person. That’s what this is about! Tickets are on sale now at our brand new website Even if you aren’t going to attend the fundraiser, you can donate to our cause there and feel better about yourself today!”

Tickets will get fundraiser-attendees entered into a drawing for a multitude of prizes that the casino is offering. The grand prize is a two-night stay in the luxury Roman Emperor Suite.  Other prizes include a romantic, moonlit dinner in the casino’s own 4-star dining establishment, Tail Feather Steakhouse & Bar opened by award-winning chef and Food Network star Buffalo Brandy, prime seating to a show of winner’s choice at the neighboring Soaring Eagle Theatre, who generously donated tickets as a tax write-off, and 100 free tokens to spend on the just-opened Totem Pole slot machines.